The National Women's Leadership
Summit for Healthcare

April 23-24, 2018 | Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina | San Diego, CA

Inspiring, Motivational Leadership Development for Health Plan Professionals

Join your fellow female executives during the 2nd Annual Women in Leadership Summit as we drive inclusiveness and empower women leaders in health plans. Get specific tools and inspiration to drive your career to the top at this stimulating event.

As women continue to break down barriers across many industries, let’s discuss how women are succeeding in the health insurance industry. With multiple facilitated networking opportunities and impactful panels led by pioneering senior-level women – you can’t afford to miss this event that will open new pathways to take your career to the next level.

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Top reasons to attend:

  • Hear how women in senior and C-level roles continue to rise above challenges as they break down glass ceilings
  • Adopt career-building strategies to accelerate your journey in the healthcare industry
  • Take in the shared stories of breaking down barriers and supporting women to become becoming a more inclusive and diverse workplace
  • Create balanced relationships between team members' personalities that lead to better outcomes as a leaders
  • Get negotiating techniques that help match your salary to the true value you bring to an organization

Who Should Attend?

Designed for women working in health plans in entry to director-level professional roles, the summit will benefit all women who are seeking career advancement or improved leadership skills within their organization. The aim of this conference is to promote women in leadership positions in health plans, and is therefore open to all genders so that, collectively, we can continue to cultivate female leadership across the industry.

Our Renowned Speaking Faculty

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Tracey Veal, AETNA

Osato Chito, TRICENNA




Cheyenne Ross, CENTENE




Bonnie Panlasigui, WITT/KIEFFER

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Thursday, April 27th

Ice Breaker - Speed Networking Session

    This structured, fast-paced activity will give participants an opportunity to jumpstart networking for lasting relationships with their peers across healthcare. Attendees will be divided into groups for ten rounds of meet and greet sessions. The session facilitator will ring a bell every two minutes to allow you to continue meeting and building connections with more of your peers. It is recommended that each person comes prepared with a one-minute elevator pitch about their current role, their dream title, and an interesting fact that allows them to share their interests, goals, and personality.

Panel Discussion: From Managing to Leading in Healthcare

    This session will feature perspectives from women in mid-level, upper management, and C-suite roles in healthcare; highlighting their career progression and their journey of becoming a leader in the industry.

  • For existing and emerging women leaders, what does the future look like in our evolving healthcare environment?
  • How have the required leadership skills evolved in each role?
  • How have team building and management tactics evolved as you have built your career?
  • As women in your current healthcare roles, what does leadership mean for each of you? How do you personally define and aim to embody it?
  • What one line of advice would you give to new and emerging women leaders seeking to climb the ranks?

Emotional Intelligence for Impactful Leadership

  • What are the components of emotional intelligence?
  • How to use emotional intelligence to empower a team
  • The essentials of maintaining relationships and building networks

Breaking Down Stereotypes and Barriers to Advance Women’s Roles in Healthcare

    In a rapid-pace format, our presenters will tackle specific barrier issues that women must overcome in the workforce. Our panel members will share insights on how to navigate your career path to knock down these hurdles and move up your career ladder. Themes addressed will include:

  • Child care/maternity leave
  • Reentering the workforce after an extended leave
  • Racial stereotypes
  • Men’s point of view on women’s barriers and common challenges in the workforce

Creating Impactful and Nurturing Mentorships

    Mentee Point of View:

  • What should you look for in a mentor?
  • Who are the ideal internal mentors?
  • What are the challenges for building a relationship, and as a mentee, what can you do to overcome them?
  • Building strategic relationships with other women in and outside of your organization

  • Mentor Point of View:
  • When should you consider developing a mentor relationship with staff members?
  • Identifying mentees and building relationships
  • What are the challenges for building the relationship, and as a mentor, what can you do to overcome them?

Networking Roundtables led by Healthcare Leaders

    In this interactive format, one senior-level professional will guide an exchange of ideas and solutions on specific barriers, stereotypes, or challenges often faced by women climbing the ladder in healthcare leadership. You will have the opportunity to choose two topics of interest during this 45-minute session. A bell will ring after 20 minutes, alerting you to transition to the second roundtable discussion of your choice.
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Delegating effectively
  • Standing out and defining your role in healthcare
  • Family-career balance
  • Life-career balance
  • Continuing education
  • Being heard and seen
  • Removing the stigma of “aggressiveness” while moving up the ladder


Friday, April 28th

Looking Ahead: The Women & Pioneers Needed to Drive Future Healthcare Career Opportunities

    With rapid changes in healthcare, there will be a growing demand for a different breed of healthcare leader. This session will answer:
  • What trends and policies will change the healthcare landscape in the next ten years? What steps can you take to begin to prepare?
  • What career options are around the corner?
  • What new skills will leaders need?
  • How can women’s and men’s management styles differ, yet still compliment each other?
  • How can women drive healthcare in America?

Promoting Diversity in Leadership at Your Organization

    This session will address best practices for achieving diversity, whether it is race, gender, educational background, or across your company. Following the presentation, audience participation is encouraged to share personal experiences and suggestions to help promote equal representation across healthcare organizations.
  • What is human resources’ responsibility to encourage equal opportunities and continued leadership development of all employees?
  • How can you use your opinions and voice to impact human resources’ decisions and hiring/promotion processes?
  • Removing biases in the workplace from the bottom up
  • Encouraging senior leadership to develop or refine coaching, mentoring, and leadership programs that specifically pertain to minorities’ issues and needs.
  • What role can men in senior leadership positions take to promote diversity throughout organizations?
  • What can organizations do to continue supporting women and minorities, and promoting diversity in leadership positions, in the aftermath of a turbulent election period and a potentially polarizing new administration?

Developing a More Powerful Voice in Your Organization

  • Presentations that impress senior management
  • Learning to strategically align your goals with your department and company
  • Examples of what successful goal alignment looks like, and the outcomes they can yield
  • Building a team and support system around you

Hiring Candidates to Harness Specific Skills Needed for Your Team

    As leaders, part of your role is hiring employees to grow and strengthen your team and departments. This session will give you strategies for building a solid foundation during the all phases of the hiring process.
  • Determining candidates’ values – what to look for and how to accurately and fairly evaluate their potential
  • Interviewing techniques that highlight true behaviors and skills
  • Red flags during an interview, and how to spot them
  • Strategies for onboarding employees to ensure they have the tools and support to flourish in their roles
  • Overcoming implicit biases in the hiring process

Channeling Your Unique Strengths for Long-term Problem Solving

  • Pinpointing root causes of challenges and problems in your department
  • Developing response plans for resource or personnel issues
  • Addressing concerns and staff-related issues diplomatically

Three Secrets Great Managers Use to Drive Team Success and Innovation

  • Building trust to gain cooperation and commitment from team members
  • Creating coaching conversations that improve productivity
  • Adapting to generational views on leadership, work habits, and communication to drive positive change

Identifying Your Leadership Style & Adapting to Different Management Practices

  • Understanding different management styles
  • Defining critical leadership skills and styles that are unique to different demographics
  • Using your strengths and weaknesses to manage and collaborate effectively
  • How different personalities lead - what makes each one successful and what do they do to compensate for and overcome their weaknesses?
  • Managing your manager successfully

Optimizing Resources & Investments for Experienced Leaders

  • Recognizing personal and departmental needs
  • Identifying vendors that provide the most bang for your buck
  • Getting resources need approved and supported by senior management

Refining Collaborative and Effective Communication

  • Determining the modality of communication that drives results
  • Improved techniques to collaborate with team members
  • Solutions to eliminate miscommunications
  • Ensuring your opinions, guidance, and solutions are recognized and accepted among leadership
  • When and how to use social media for team communication and engagement


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April 23-24, 2018

Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina

1380 Harbor Island Dr
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 291-2900
Overflow Hotel Room Blocks
Due to the popularity of the 2nd Annual Women in Healthcare, the host hotel is close to a sell-out. We have opened an overflow room block at the Hilton San Diego Airport/Harbor Island.

Located in walking distance to the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, The Hilton San Diego/Harbor Island has breathtaking waterfront views of the marina. The overflow rate is $270/night. Simply phone the Hilton Harbor Island at (619) 291-6700 and mention “Women in Healthcare” room block or click here to book directly into the block.

Rave Reviews from Last Year’s Summit:

I learned a lot of great lessons I can apply in my own development and developing others.


I am new to this industry and this was so informative and inspiring.

Daniela B., VEYO

Speakers had great energy. They were knowledgeable and down-to-earth.


Brought clarity to many obstacles I've recently been facing and experiencing.


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